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Life Group

What are small groups?

A small group (Life group-HCF) at LAIF Church consists of 8-10 adults that meet regularly for friendship, Bible study, prayer, and support. Most groups meet for about 1 to 2 hours on a weekly basis. The meetings may take place at the church, at each other’s homes. These meetings usually consist of refreshments, fellowship, and Bible study. Sometimes the small groups will discuss a certain topic or simply study a specific book in the Bible.

We believe that loving relationships and meaningful fellowship should permeate every aspect of church life. At LAIF Church our Sunday and Friday services are a time to gather together as one large group – but real growth, learning, friendships, and life-change happens best in a smaller group setting (Home care fellowship -HCF). Because of this, we strongly encourage you to participate in small groups to help you in your spiritual journey.

Current Cell group centers/Areas:

Salwa Area

Jeleb Area

Mahaboula Area

Fintas Area

To know the cell group in our neighborhood or closet to you and for more information, contact us.

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